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The wonderful exhibition seemed to call out for some experiment with paint. This image changes all the time according to the position of the visitors standing before the projected lights so this is  moment in time……


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Stunning exhibition at the RA with some fine architectural pieces and 3D works. The Cave is a walk through installation – if you’re brave enough to go through a dark passage.  It leads to the Host – a whole room flooded with sea water and sand  (to follow) . Almost abstract when reduced to the basics


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Ed brought in a lovely ‘traditional’ still life. A little like Mma Ramotswe in the McCall novels, it was big and bold? The twist was that he also provided images of Samuel Peploe’s striking works. (A little way to go ! )


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Someone brought along a cute cyclamen this week – interesting shapes and textures, though no botanical realism.


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Bubbles and rain go together well! The young entertainers on the plazza next to Trafalgar Square in London, outside the National Gallery were a good draw for their younger audience. The shiny pavements made a good reflective and colourful backdrop……


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