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…from Sea Life. Still so many fascinating images to explore. Not a fish but a free swimming marine animal with an umbrella shaped bell and trailing tentacles.  Lovely movers but some have deadly stings.





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It’s a fish that looks like an equine creature. The name hippokampos actually suggests it as a sea monster. Not sure it looks that scary, though. Like the fact that the male carries the eggs and that the young emerge fully formed.


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Zebra Fish

These colourful fishes were darting around so quickly in their tank at Sea Life. Very eye catching…


Now preparing for the annual exhibition: see

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More from Sea Life – the London Aquarium. A glimpse of the ocean’s kelp forest with a host of sea anemones and an oddly placed, inhabited piece of pottery…


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Not sure what to think of Sea Life (the London Aquarium) in London. But should provide some visual interest….


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One or two scallops?



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It’s a garden for the “gardenless”. So lucky to have a glorious day for painting – with a clear view over the city from the western side of the park. Thanks Sir Sydney Waterlow!



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