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This week’s theme is water. The Japanese Garden Island in the centre of Regent’s Park in London is almost a secret garden. It’s accessed by a crossing near the lovely weeping willow and leads to winding paths and gently flowing waterfalls.


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Sea anemone are fascinating creatures, they resemble terrestrial flowers but are predatory marine creatures. Here seen with a couple more predators – wolf fish (anarhichas lupus). These look a bit like well fed eels, with very spiky teeth. They are also known as catfish or devil fish. So that’s a take on flora and fauna – this week’s theme!


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The Dancers

This week’s theme – the Tools of the Trade. Tempted to do a Lee Lozano, but instead found another idea. Is the spotlight the tool of the trade? Or the dancers’  performance skills?



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This week’s topic – similar to a previous one but casting more of a shadow…


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The theme this week was ‘the Favourite’.  A lot of people are watching quite a lot of TV and Corrie is a favourite amongst many! What will the show be like when shooting begins again? It would have been fun to paint the Rovers or the cat jumping down from the roof (but it moved too fast!)

A Favourite Soap


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This week’s theme is animals. I ‘met’ a couple of little Jack Russell terriers I’d met before, at Ally Pally over the weekend and their owner  kindly let me take a photo. Here’s the first sketch….


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The conch appears centre stage in a just slightly more abstract version of shells, amethysts and paperweight.


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Cheese board

This week’s theme was ‘Food and Drink’. This is a memory of the end to a delicious meal at the Swan Hotel in Suffolk. Cheese and biscuits, grapes and a relish decorated with a curl of celery.


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A quirky vase features in this still life, a reason to be cheerful (?):


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Our lovely model that day chose two stylish outfits. Here’s one.


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