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This week’s theme is water. The Japanese Garden Island in the centre of Regent’s Park in London is almost a secret garden. It’s accessed by a crossing near the lovely weeping willow and leads to winding paths and gently flowing waterfalls.


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Sea anemone are fascinating creatures, they resemble terrestrial flowers but are predatory marine creatures. Here seen with a couple more predators – wolf fish (anarhichas lupus). These look a bit like well fed eels, with very spiky teeth. They are also known as catfish or devil fish. So that’s a take on flora and fauna – this week’s theme!


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All creatures…..

This week’s topic – small and beautiful. Frogs and tadpoles in the garden pond are fascinating, though not quite as colourful as this created commons….



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It’s the virtual Highgate Festival soon, so looking to concentrate on local area scenes. Here’s one of a nearby park.


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Cheese board

This week’s theme was ‘Food and Drink’. This is a memory of the end to a delicious meal at the Swan Hotel in Suffolk. Cheese and biscuits, grapes and a relish decorated with a curl of celery.


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Garden view

This week’s ‘project’ is Spring. No chance to go to bluebell woods, but they have made an appearance nearer home.

Garden prep

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A cheery view. It’s Hanami in Crouch End!


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Our lovely model that day chose two stylish outfits. Here’s one.


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The Clock Tower is Crouch End’s icon. Designed by architect Frederick Knight it was built as a memorial to the Chair of Hornsey in the 1880s, Henry Williams, who played a key role in campaigning to save Highgate Wood and Queen’s Wood. He also helped in the purchase of Alexandra Palace. Thanks! We currently have a pop-up exhibition of other local shopping parades at the Highgate Society.


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Another quick painting of chains and a a one off on a bright winter’s day.


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