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The finished painting of Crouch End- concentrating on light and shade….


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A still life with a focus on bright primary colours.



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Another quick painting of chains and a a one off on a bright winter’s day.


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Very quickly back to normal this year with a busy and productive session at 10A. The still life was based on normality, too, with a kitchen theme with lots included (without the cliche). So limbering up with a quick sketch….


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A still life with tins and teasels, plus the odd berry for good measure.

Happy Holidays!



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The wonderful exhibition seemed to call out for some experiment with paint. This image changes all the time according to the position of the visitors standing before the projected lights so this isĀ  moment in time……


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Gentoo Penguin

Penguins are flightless birds and they use their ‘wings’ as flippers to soar through the water like a torpedo – where they are really graceful. Slightly comical on land but fascinating to look at. It feels like cheating to see them at Sea Life….


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