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This week’s topic – similar to a previous one but casting more of a shadow…


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The theme this week was ‘the Favourite’.  A lot of people are watching quite a lot of TV and Corrie is a favourite amongst many! What will the show be like when shooting begins again? It would have been fun to paint the Rovers or the cat jumping down from the roof (but it moved too fast!)

A Favourite Soap


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The conch appears centre stage in a just slightly more abstract version of shells, amethysts and paperweight.


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A cheery view. It’s Hanami in Crouch End!


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A still life with tins and teasels, plus the odd berry for good measure.

Happy Holidays!



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…from Sea Life. Still so many fascinating images to explore. Not a fish but a free swimming marine animal with an umbrella shaped bell and trailing tentacles.  Lovely movers but some have deadly stings.




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It’s a fish that looks like an equine creature. The name hippokampos actually suggests it as a sea monster. Not sure it looks that scary, though. Like the fact that the male carries the eggs and that the young emerge fully formed.


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Not sure what to think of Sea Life (the London Aquarium) in London. But should provide some visual interest….


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One or two scallops?



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Pretty little cosmos daisies, easy to grow and simple to paint. But nothing too botanical!


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