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The aim in both cases was to  add splashes of red and orange (and a few more colours, including indigo and sepia for the greys). The peppers are three times life size, the sketch of flowers are smaller.



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Cobalt, Cerulean, French Ultramarine, Indigo, Prussian Blue: all have different origins. Mostly cool and calm but warmer as they reach violet. But as the month progresses other colours will fill the palette.


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….but not at mine. This Highgate home proved to be a lovely environment in which to sketch and with a great opportunity to view objects in situ – ready made still life. More to follow I think.


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But I guess they can encourage the use of less familiar palette combinations. And I’m loving the hot pressed Waterford papers I’m experimenting with…

Mosaic-vase-with-parrotWill really have to concentrate on getting some paintings ready for the Fair on Pond Square, not long now! In the meantime here’s a set imaginatively entitled ‘The games people play’:


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