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This week’s topic – similar to a previous one but casting more of a shadow…


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Light and shade

This time concentrating on the conch shell. Light is coming from the left, through the window, casting a shadow on the right. The background white of the shell  has little definition where the light shines on it – so no enclosing line seems needed!


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The conch appears centre stage in a just slightly more abstract version of shells, amethysts and paperweight.


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A quirky vase features in this still life, a reason to be cheerful (?):


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A still life with tins and teasels, plus the odd berry for good measure.

Happy Holidays!



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It’s a fish that looks like an equine creature. The name hippokampos actually suggests it as a sea monster. Not sure it looks that scary, though. Like the fact that the male carries the eggs and that the young emerge fully formed.


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One or two scallops?



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Ed brought in a lovely ‘traditional’ still life. A little like Mma Ramotswe in the McCall novels, it was big and bold? The twist was that he also provided images of Samuel Peploe’s striking works. (A little way to go ! )


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The annual exhibition is an exciting time. It’s now up and running and can’t wait for the Private View…..The Ham & High has given us a good write up, under a section called the Highgate Colourists.

Ham & High 25th Oct 2018

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This decorative plant is a type of sunflower – using a limited palette it almost looks as if it is on fire….


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