This week’s theme was interiors. Here’s a revisit to a favourite place in Cambridge – Kettles Yard. As well as temporary exhibitions the house is filled with beautiful objects, both found and created. It’s so harmonious and cosy.



Of the several signs of Spring in the garden the appearance of bluebells in blossom are amongst the most welcome. There are both English and Spanish (hyacinthoides hispanica) but there will probably only be the larger variety in due course.

Met a wonderful creature on a pond at Trent Park recently. This mandarin duck is a superbly colourful duck with showy, ornate feathers. The ones on the side of the head are a bit scruffy and he had orange ‘sails’ on his back with pale ochre flanks.

The duck is protected by the Wildlife and Countryside Act of 1981. A fine year….

In tropical climates some gastropods sport colourful attire – designed to confuse their predators. Rather like the dazzle ships. Meets this week’s theme – colour…….

The Crouch End Playing fields is a lovely green oasis in an urban (but leafy) part of North London. And the blossom is just appearing.


Canal Museum

This week’s theme is Travel – and a favourite mode for taking things easy is canal boating.

So from the Canal Museum near Kings Cross:


Nature is this week’s theme.
A wonderful image of a beech avenue on a TV travel show –
(it’s apparently famous for appearing in the Game of Thrones..)



This week’s theme is ‘the family’. So from a photo taken a few years ago some very good friends in a formal but warm and charming pose:


To contribute to this week’s theme – a glorious morning – it’s back to landscape. It was a pale cold and frosty morning over the pond at Kenwood…

Maybe next time a scene from the US inauguration would also fit the topic? Watch this space!


Inside Out

A collection of objects including a wooden vase with intriguing colours and textures. Experimenting – the shape is kept and the other features moved to the background…


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