To contribute to this week’s theme – a glorious morning – it’s back to landscape. It was a pale cold and frosty morning over the pond at Kenwood…

Maybe next time a scene from the US election would also fit the topic? Watch this space!


Inside Out

A collection of objects including a wooden vase with intriguing colours and textures. Experimenting – the shape is kept and the other features moved to the background…


Continuing the ‘new’ theme here’s a different perspective on a still life, apples and a poppy…


New Year

With just a hint of symbolism?



Strictly Joy

These two seem pretty pleased with their achievement! It’s one of the more enjoyable watches at present…



This week’s theme was People and Times Past. The recent ceremonies at the Cenotaph in Whitehall seemed a suitable topic.



Diwali – the celebration of lights – symbolising the victory of light over darkness, good over evil and knowledge over ignorance. O tempora o mores! Seems – hopefully – in some respects appropriate…


 Oh no, the clocks will be falling back soon. Time for some more walks near the ponds at Kenwood….


….is the theme this week.  It’s interesting to see how many colours there actually are in the violin’s hollow wooden body – it’s not just brown!

Violin lesson



As the holiday season wanes the theme this week centres on the sea. The Jurassic coast around Lyme in Dorset has some great views. It’s a revisit…..

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