Pretty little cosmos daisies, easy to grow and simple to paint. But nothing too botanical!



Ed brought in a lovely ‘traditional’ still life. A little like Mma Ramotswe in the McCall novels, it was big and bold? The twist was that he also provided images of Samuel Peploe’s striking works. (A little way to go ! )


Still life at 10A today – decided to do a composite with the crab and scallop……



This time I thought I’d include the guitar – we’ve painted Samantha before – this time she brought the guitar but didn’t play it!



From time to time we have a model, from five to half hour poses, just time for a quick sketch.Samantha


The blossom is out but it’s still cold for painting outside (unlike in February when quite possible). So objects closer to hand to remind of summer….


You see it here, and you can see it there: dominating the skyline of North London. Looking forward to seeing the newly refurbished theatre at some point.Ally-ally-close-up

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