Still blooming in December – so something fresh from the garden to paint…



A still life collection today inspired in part by the setter’s visit to the Matisse exhibition at the RA. The other group of objects contained Fatsia Japonica cuttings with wonderful glossy palmate leaves. If only the light had remained constant…….


Local views for the exhibition as in the Ham and High. But not all the paintings will be Highgate related….. some will be from quite far afield.Ham & High 19th Oct 2017

Slightly mysterious, it could be part of a model village, but it is full sized.


Re-painted for the upcoming exhibition. And the pic of Golder’s Hill Park – see earlier blog – is being used on the posters.

The view towards the East is perhaps less iconic than towards the Cobb in Lyme Regis. But the light and clouds made this view worth more than a second look….


In a wood, near a lake and in a place that has changed over time….



Interesting evening at the Mall Galleries, only two more days in London. But Lauderdale to look forward to some more paintings in progress.


Some really lovely paintings – they can be seen at


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