The Duveen Gallery at Tate Britain is a tough space for modern art. The Neoclassical Ionic columns and ornamental arches look good but could draw the eye away from the art on display. This exhibition is particularly successful though.




Beautiful Nymphaea to catch the eye in the Waterlily House at Kew.



Only less than 24 hours to paint this vibrant plant., the day lily. Time enough – just!

Day Lily

The new nature reserve in N17 is a great place for sketching. This island in the reservoir – a heronry – was eye-catching.


Mophead and lace-cap hydrangeas can change colour according to the soil they’re in and how they are watered. This one started out as blue but there’s so little rain about at present that it’s now in the pink.


They’re back. Colourful and edible. Now a firm favourite:


Seen in a window in Delft – colourful ceramic teapots, sure to raise a smile?


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