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The bodies of the figures, men and children, and of the shire horses are taken from real life but the horses heads are similar to the “horse head” of an oil well pump. The installation, ‘the Rising Tide’ by Jason deClaires Taylor – is a comment on the impact of fossil fuels on our planet. The installation could be seen emerging from the Thames on the opposite side of the bank from the Houses of Parliament as the water level dropped.

InstallationAs the horses emerged from the river, so did the flotsam – the traffic cones, plastic bottles and other debris, which was a fitting comment on the theme of the sculpture.

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The pictures are all in place, the Private View has passed off very successfully and the paintings are selling well. It’s very satisfying to see red dots appearing!HWGdisplay

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Further down the Thames the O2 stands proud. I wonder why this jetty, larger than the venue, caught my eye….



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The Tall Ships festival is in London this weekend, so a visit to Greenwich seemed a good idea, even if there would be lots of crowds. The people lining the banks of the Thames were really friendly so it was a great afternoon.The tugs shunting up and down the river were obviously enjoying the experience, too, judging by the frequent horn blasts.The ships were majestic and will paint some…here’s the old Royal Naval College :


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Very pleased that one of my paintings was  selected for the Royal Watercolour Society’s open competition.


“The RWS Contemporary Watercolour Competition is an annual competition open to non-Members. It aims to encourage innovation and experimentation in watercolour painting, spanning work on paper in watercolour, acrylic, gouache, pen & ink and watercolour mixed media.  The successful entries list can be viewed via the website.  An exhibition of the chosen works will be on display at Bankside Gallery from 22nd February – 3rd March 2013 11am – 6pm daily.”

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I was also pleased to be presented with a prize at a recent ceremony held for the first time at the House of Lords! Here’s the painting of Burgh House that won for me in the cityscape category:

Burgh House, Hampstead

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With all the excitement over it’s time to visit the usual places. Here’s a family enjoying an outing to Regent’s Park in London. I loved the enthusiasm of the children playing at the water fountain and it’s this week’s painting:

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The idler’s guide to a painting a day

It’s quite a shock the first time you hear it. You’re sitting on the top deck of the number 91, minding your own business, keeping the seat free from passing strangers with that disarming do-not-sit next-to-me-if-you-please of a challenging stare, when Boris interrupts the normal two minutely sweet voiced female announcements to tell you how busy it will be this month.

Well folks at least there’s plenty to prompt a painting or two during the summer months in London. Even in the rain. Lots of artists aim to do a painting a day and publish their results in their blogs. But I’m not like that – I’m too idle. So here’s my painting of the week:

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