In the mist the bridge looks more mysterious, so a broad brush seemed appropriate.




Fantastic day at Kenwood. There must be many similar snaps flying about in the media. Now to paint them….

…a definite favourite. The trees are only just beginning to turn but inside the greenhouses are some wonderful colours.


Enough sunshine to paint outside still – but even little Nell was feeling the cold. Looks like the Lauderdale House renovation will be finished in time for the exhibition in November.



Hoping to add some smaller pics to this year’s show – probably no more than 8 x 5. Let’s see how it goes….

Now preparing for the annual exhibition. Some likely candidates:

Two local views and two from further afield………

Tee time

A few miles outside Glasgow but set in a landscape of firs, heathers and silver birches the Westerwood Hotel, has a view of its golf course. And there’s the Campsie Fells in the mist.


Next time: the bowling green in the heart of Hampstead…