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Sea anemone are fascinating creatures, they resemble terrestrial flowers but are predatory marine creatures. Here seen with a couple more predators – wolf fish (anarhichas lupus). These look a bit like well fed eels, with very spiky teeth. They are also known as catfish or devil fish. So that’s a take on flora and fauna – this week’s theme!


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Gentoo Penguin

Penguins are flightless birds and they use their ‘wings’ as flippers to soar through the water like a torpedo – where they are really graceful. Slightly comical on land but fascinating to look at. It feels like cheating to see them at Sea Life….


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…from Sea Life. Still so many fascinating images to explore. Not a fish but a free swimming marine animal with an umbrella shaped bell and trailing tentacles.  Lovely movers but some have deadly stings.




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It’s a fish that looks like an equine creature. The name hippokampos actually suggests it as a sea monster. Not sure it looks that scary, though. Like the fact that the male carries the eggs and that the young emerge fully formed.


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