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Tee time

A few miles outside Glasgow but set in a landscape of firs, heathers and silver birches the Westerwood Hotel, has a view of its golf course. And there’s the Campsie Fells in the mist.


Next time: the bowling green in the heart of Hampstead…

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A stroll across towards Hampstead Heath from Kenwood reveals – for locals – a familiar view. The huge house peeking through the woods is Athlone House. Over 150 years old it’s been a private house, an RAF college and was used by the NHS, but now very sadly it’s under threat of demolition. So I thought I’d paint it, as many have done before.


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…and my nineteenth post. Guests at the Highgate golf course this week, pity it was the only day so far when it rained. But the rain didn’t spoil the view, and there was extra media available. Actually it was an advantage in some ways since all I had with me were watercolour pencils for sketching and I could add rainwater to fix the lines. Here’s the finished painting….


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