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Like buses?

Three sails

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“The Jurassic Coast is a Walk Through Time.” With as much character – but with a far longer heritage – as the Welsh town pictured elsewhere, Lyme Regis is at its heart of that walk. Though the town was beautiful and the weather was erratic. It must be the monsoon season……


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The pictures are all in place, the Private View has passed off very successfully and the paintings are selling well. It’s very satisfying to see red dots appearing!HWGdisplay

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A perfect day for the seaside – sunny, warm with a light breeze and most of the summer crowds have left. There was a man with a hefty camera kit with all the fine lens and paraphernalia and a lady with a little dog (and a copy of Chekhov?).


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Now that Autumn’s here (yes all the signs say it is) it’s time to fit in some trips to the seaside with the rest of London for company! How the pier copes is quite a mystery. And in the Pavilion all the visitors scarcely look up from their audio tours to view the wonders around…..


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I liked this view of the Dorset coast for its contours and the chalky whiteness of the cliffs. I also wanted to work with a limited palette rather than capture the sunshine of the summer, now disappeared.


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Come the spring and summer (when?) it would be good to revisit the coast. The first picture shows a Dorset cove.


The second is from a quiet corner on the Isle of Wight. Although only 26 miles across there are 13 blue flag beaches. And although the island’s interior is quite built up there are lovely walks along the coast and it’s a great place to paint, especially¬† seascapes, of course…


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